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What it Takes to SEO for your Business

AccelProfit Systems Internet Marketing of San Diego discusses what it Takes to Rank at the Top in Search Engines

Times are changing and they are changing quickly.? Back in the day, about 5 years ago, it was fairly easy to do good SEO by just link building and very basic SEO.? Those were the days, fairly easy to rank well with minimal effort.? SEO now is far more complex and the algorithms are very human like in nature.

Each day I receive emails about how to rank well in the search engines, by companies that are selling a bunch of Crap!? Trust me you get what you pay for in SEO, and it takes a significant effort to put together a solid SEO campaign. ?If? a company is pitching you for SEO and ranking well and the fee is low do yourself a favor and pass.? These companies set you up on a recurring billing and do nothing.? I can’t believe the poor work or no work that goes into some of our new clients sites that have been paying for years.? It’s a disgrace!

So you are in business, and you want to rank well organically because the internet is free.? Many people have an entitlement attitude when I speak with them.? They believe since they are the best surgeon in town they should rank number one, and the guy who is currently number one sucks and doesn’t deserve that position.? In most cases “that guy” has been putting time and resources into building a site that ranks well and he may suck as a surgeon but he understands marketing.? My advice it put your ego aside and fight for your position in the SEO battle.

Here’s the plan;

  1. First and foremost? you need to have a site the search engines like.? Accelprofit has found that blog sites like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal rank the best when SEO is applied to them.? We build our sites on WordPress, we find them to be the most user friendly.
  2. Content is king we have all heard this.? Yes it is necessary and each page needs to have content that the search engines find relevant.? Content needs to be well thought out and developed with the search engines in mind.
  3. Fresh content is also necessary so having a blog is important.
  4. Link Building is necessary, if you don’t have links to your site the search engines will not find you as relevant as those sites that do.
  5. Video, did you know Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google.? Videos people love and you should have regular video content being developed.
  6. And then of course social media get involved in the conversation it pays huge dividends.

The above formula is how we beat out the competition.

We are not cheap but the ROI is always there for our clients.? You can dominate the market if you choose to, have us do an analysis of the searches in your market to determine if the ROI will be there for you.

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