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What is Google Places?

A few years back Google launched what is call “Google Places” as a way to give the user a better local experience.? In the early years it was very easy for SEO guys like us to get our clients results in the local places listings.

what is google places

The map section is a very profitable area to have your business found in the search engines.? This is one of the most important listings your company needs to take care of, not only on Google but don’t forget Bing and Yahoo.

So the question is how come you are not in the local maps section of Google, right?

There are many reasons for companies not being found from duplicate listings, poor SEO on the site and more.

The other question I hear over and over again is how come that guy is listed and I’m not?? You may run a better business and your customers love you but the other guy has taken a more serious approach to his online presence.? In order to be listed in the very competitive local listings you need to feed the Google machine.

That means link building, social media and don’t forget Google Plus.? You may start to see images also showing up next to the local listings like in the image below.? We believe Google is pulling these images from Google Plus profiles and other social media sites like Facebook.

If you are struggling with your Google Places account call us today we can help.


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