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Website Design

Website Design Importance:

custom website imageFirst impression is everything, as a matter of fact you have about 10 seconds to make an impression when a new prospect visits your site. ?Studies have proven that having a great looking site with extensive galleries, video and a call to action will lead to more conversions in web traffic.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes are they more likely to contact you or your competitor?

Do you have captivating video and galleries demonstrating your work? ?If not you better or the guy down the street is going to get your potential business.

Many businesses still think the best place to spend advertising dollars is with fading mediums like Television, Radio, or the dying Yellow page ads. When a potential new client has a need today, the first place they will go, is to the internet. If your business does not have strong internet presence, you lose out on the opportunity to attract new business and equally important, you may lose credibility with your existing clients.

Your website is more than your businesses calling card. It needs to be cutting edge, present your services clearly, show what it is that makes your business special and distinctive from competitors. At the same time it must be be user friendly and written to achieve the highest possible search engine ranking. As the largest search engines have continually altered the algorithms used to rank websites importance for a users search terms; The days of hiring your nephew in college or your favorite bartender to build your business website have long passed. Your businesses website is as important as the product/service you offer; It is a form of packaging for your service and without good packaging, no one is going to try your product.

As a business owner, you are accustomed to wearing the many hats of a President/CEO. We have seen time and again, business owners come to us, overwhelmed with the task of providing their company the crucial internet presence required to succeed in this day and age. Often they are frustrated with the fact that their businesses website just doesn’t rank against the competition. We work one on one with business owners, not only to teach the fundamentals of building a website that will match the qualities of their business, but also identify the best website format and drivers, to bring new clients to a business. You can have the best product/service for a new customers needs but if that new customer cannot find you or is not impressed with your website, you will never get his business.

There are many forms of media that can bring new clients thru your doors. None are more important today and in the future as having a top quality website to serve your clients needs and built specifically to optimize search engine ranking results so that new customers can find your service. You could pay more for a great looking site, but if what is behind the scenes is not created with Search Engine Optimization in mind, you will fail to bring new business in the door. Simply throwing money at this problem is not the solution.

As a team, Internet Marketing Guyz knows well how to get our clients the most bang for their buck with the most creative and easily managed websites in the business. We build sites that serve our clients needs for today, but with an eye on the future!