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If you could do one thing to attract more prospects to your business, online video marketing should be it. The reason is simple: Google and the other search engines LOVE video. They love video because users love video; it’s stimulating, easy to consume, and it delivers information much faster than most other media.

After all, isn’t it more fun and more personal (not to mention faster and easier) to watch a quick video rather than read pages of small print on a website?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

It’s true! And now that Google owns YouTube, online video has never been a more important part of your marketing efforts.


You’re losing hundreds, even thousands of potential prospects and customers a year if you don’t have video as part of your web presence.


Do you think maybe a few of them might be searching for exactly what you do?? Absolutely.

Here’s an example to demonstrate the power of video marketing.

Basketball superstar Allen Iverson has a training video on YouTube, and as of October 24, 2011, it has 150,688 views.

Of all those views, only 13% came from a Search Engine. A whopping 87% came from somewhere else!

So where did they come from? The simple answer is: related videos

You see, when viewers hop on to YouTube to get their video “fix”, they don’t just watch one. They watch several, sometimes dozens in succession. This stuff is down-right addictive!

In the Allen Iverson example, the majority of viewers searched out a similar but separate video to begin with. When they got there, they had “related” video suggestions presented to them, and they clicked to see more.? Sites like YouTube have all this figured out. They know people like to watch related content, sometimes in batches, and they make it easier to do just that.

So we adjust our marketing. This is called “related video optimization”, and it’s a little known secret that will get you TONS more prospects, month after month. Basically, “Related Video” means that if we think about how your video relates to various search terms, terms like “plastic surgery” or “looking more attractive” or whatever your niche is, we can make it so that your video comes up when these terms get searched.

This will get more people to your site, more people learning from you, and more people viewing you as the dominant expert on the subject they’re searching for.

As the algorithms used by the largest search engines have changed dramatically, it has become increasingly important to have video based content on your business website to effectively rank well. ?People search the internet for relevant information in their query go to sites providing video pertinent to answering their questions. ?Knowing this, search engines like Google rank websites containing video much higher than the same sites that does not have video content. ?Recognizing the need for our clients to have simple and cost effective access to video production facilities, AccelProfit systems has assembled an expert team of videographers and production professionals that work solely on producing high quality video content for our clients.

In your own search experience, there is no doubt that you are first drawn to sites that have a link to a YouTube channel, addressing the topic of your search.? Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a Yellow Pages ad that could specifically show you how a business could accurately demonstrate visually the best way to solve your problem. ?There is no substitute for video content in driving a websites rankings in the largest search engines.


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