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San Diego Social Media Consultant Steve Moran Discusses The Cheaper Channel…YouTube

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Ceilume is a small California manufacturing company that’s a maker of vinyl ceiling tiles. Ed Davis, President of Ceilume, realized that in order for his company to thrive in these difficult times he would need to reach out and start selling directly to consumers.? The challenge he faced was that of a perception problem.? Many people associate ceiling tiles with the ugly, dusty tiles that have loomed over offices for decades.? Davis needed to let consumers know, that his company’s ceiling tiles were different. Over the last few years, Ceilume has produced 15 short videos for product demonstration,? how-to instruction and advertisement that have been uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel.? These videos are also embeded on the company website, and show up in Google, when prospects search for keywords relevant to Ceilume’s business.? On line video is now the first step for many consumers, as a matter of fact, Emarketer, the world’s most respected online newsletter says a recent study found that 52% of online searchers were specifically searching for video Social Media Consultant Steve Moran!? Here are a few interesting YouTube facts:

  • more than 2 Billion views per day!
  • 35 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • more video uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major U.S. networks created in 60 years

In other words, YouTube gives companies the ability to talk directly to potential customers in ways previously accessible to only large companies with huge TV budgets.? Short of getting potential customers to walk through your front door or sending a salesperson on the road, online video is the best way to demonstrate your companies product.? Davis says that more of his customers place orders without requesting samples because online video helps them find exactly what they’re looking for. Ceilume is a 40 person company with approximately $5 million a year in sales. The YouTube videos have attracted more than 600,000 views, and Davis says he believes that video has been the primary factor in his companies growth of more than 15% per year.
If you’re not already using video to grow your business like Ceilume, you should probably talk to San Diego social media consultant? Steve Moran, to see how you can incorporate video marketing strategies into your business.? Steve Moran is a social media consultant serving San Diego, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Carlsbad, San Diego county, Orange county, Los Angeles county, and all surrounding areas.

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