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San Diego Social Media Consultant Steve Moran Asks: Blog or Website?

Call 866-573-6776 to speak with San Diego social media consultant Steve Moran who says “You can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on a TV, or search the internet without noticing the impact social media is having in our communities.? Businesses big and small are trying to figure out how to utilize social media to take their businesses to the next level.? Today I want to talk about the “core” of your online presence, your company website.? It used to be that just having a website and doing a little SEO (search engine optimization) was all you had to do.? Then came YouTube…then Google bought YouTube…then everything changed.? YouTube made it easy for everyone to share videos, as a matter of fact, Emarketer the world’s most respected online newsletter recently stated that 52% of searchers are now searching the internet specifically for video!? What does this have to do with your company website?? Everything…you see, traditionally a website was nothing more than an electronic “static” brochure.? You put it up, did some SEO, and left it alone. But, Google likes “fresh”, “relevant” content, so when they index your “static” website…and nothing changes…your website becomes less relevant, and your organic ranking diminishes.? So then came the blogs…with a blog, you can write a post about your business, tag it with some keywords, and boom, you jump almost immediately to the top of the search engines!? Add a YouTube link to your blog post, like this one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0FcQ5KcT4s and the search engines really love it (remember, Google owns YouTube so don’t underestimate the power of a YouTube link)? As a matter of fact, most of the successful online marketers have “transformed” their traditional websites into websites built on a blogging platform.? Remember, Google loves fresh, relevant content. So if you’re passionate about your business, you should be able to find something to write about, and shoot a little video that is along the same topic as your blog post, publish them together and watch your search engine? rankings soar.? If you only do 2 blog posts per week, in a year, you have over 100 pages of content that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Remember to use keywords in the title of your post, notice the title of this post is San Diego social media consultant Steve Moran…blog or website?? The primary keywords I’m targeting in this post are San Diego social media consultant.? You also need to use the keywords you want to be found for within the post itself.? As you can see, I used the words, San Diego social media consultant in the very first sentence.? Does it really work?? Here are a few search terms I’m trying to rank for, social media consultant san diego, social media consultant beverly hills, social media consultant newport beach, social media consultant carlsbad and social media consultant Steve Moran.? Go ahead and search Google for any of these search terms and see if you can find me on the first page? I hope you found this information useful, but more than that, I hope you use this information!

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