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Responsive Web Design Arrives

The Next Revolution in Mobile Sites is Here!

You probably have heard all the chatter that your website needs to be mobile friendly.? I’m assuming you have had hundreds of sales pitches about building a mobile site for your business.? Mobile websites are already outdated, the latest technology to emerge that will give your customers a great mobile experience is responsive web design.

The problem that many tablet users have experienced with mobile sites is they simply look terrible. ?In most cases tablet users would exit mobile sites and go to classic site and scroll back and forth to read site.? Responsive web design takes care of all mediums by adjusting your site to suit the users computer, tablet or mobile phone (see image below).

This year we have seen a shift in the types of computer devices consumers are purchasing. ?This will be the first year that consumers are buying less computers than the year before. ?So what are consumers buying, you guessed it, tablet sales are exploding.

This year tablet sales are expected to ?top 100 million devices sold. ?Sales are expected to exceed notebook sales. ?The other hot device is smartphones, Nielson is reporting that the majority of mobile users have smartphones.

So as a business owner what direction should you go?

We understand the rate of change happening is a bit overwhelming. ?For most businesses the responsive design will eliminate the need for mobile apps and mobile sites. ?Most consumers prefer the look and feel of responsive design to mobile apps and sites. ?If you are a big media company like NY Times a mobile app is something you should have. ?But for the local business owner the only type of site you need is a responsive web site, it will take care of all your customers devices in one platform.


To see an example of how responsive designs work, take a look at a couple of our responsive sites at www.sugarlandeyes.com or ?www.thefoundationexpert.com?take a look at it on your desktop, cell phone, and tablet if you have one.

At Internet Marketing Guyz we are proud to offer this new site design. ?You will be surprised at just how affordable responsive design can be, call us or email us today for a quote.



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