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Medical Web Design

At IMG we are experts in the field of building medical websites that rank in the search engines. ?Competition in the medical field, especially plastic and cosmetic surgery is extremely high. ?We have physicians calling us weekly frustrated with how their current website is ranking in the search engines.

A medical website requires careful planning and strategy. ?For example if you are plastic surgeon your business has dozens of keywords that the site needs to be structured for. ?It’s amazing to us that we see many of our SEO clients that have payed $5,000 or more for a website, and not one of the pages is built to make money for the client.

The home page of a plastic or cosmetic doctor should be optimized not for your name, but the keywords being searched. ?Most of the time the home page is optimized for ABC Plastic Surgery, when it should be optimized for Plastic Surgeon San Diego, Cosmetic Surgeon San Diego, Cosmetic Surgery San Diego etc. ?You should only be optimizing for a few keywords per page, but each being very different than the other. ?Google and the other search engines should know exactly what keywords you are trying to target on each page. ?Your sub-pages should be specific to your local market. ?You don’t want to optimize your breast augmentation page for breast augmentation but it should be optimized for “breast augmentation San Diego” “breast implants San Diego” this way Google knows exactly what search inquiry your page is trying to reach.

At Internet Marketing Guyz we do a complete evaluation of the search results in your market and build out every page of the site for these search results. ?We then optimize these pages to be found in the search results. ?This is why our websites always rank in the search engines, they are built and optimized to make our clients money.

99% of the SEO clients that come to us have sites that are not built to be found. ?They are simply online brochures that are usually just optimized for one keyword, the clients name.

There are plenty of companies that can build beautiful websites for the medical community, but what sets us apart from the competition is our sites are built and optimized so that every keyword that is being searched by prospect is built into the site. ?This simply means we build websites that make our clients money.

Call us today for a free evaluation and quote for your new medical website , click here to view our medical websites.

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