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Google Plus Adds Games…Interesting Strategy!

Google Plus the new online social networking site still in its Beta testing stage is upping the anty against Facebook they are adding games to the site.? Users will have the ability to play up to 16 games and view updates about the games their friends are playing according to Google post this week.

This is an interesting strategy as Google makes moves to take down Facebook, going to be a tough challenge being Facebook has 750 million users.? I’m signed into the beta test and quite frankly since joining I have not revisited the site.? I like the circles and the ability to organize contacts into different social groups, but I simply don’ t have the time to manage more than one social network.? But I think the addition of games and the ability to play games against other friends and family members I think is brilliant.

Social networking has become a top priority at Google, the world’s No. 1 Internet search engine, whose position as the main gateway to online information could be at risk as people spend more time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google said it will roll out games gradually on Google+ and intends to make the game feature available to everyone “soon.”

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