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Google Pigeon Rollout

 google pigeon imageGoogle’s Pigeon update rolled out on the 24th of July. As always, Google seeks to increase search?accuracy, producing more relevant results, with the update. This time around, the focus was on local?search results and queries. The name ‘Pigeon’ came about because of the fact that pigeons are known to?fly home; a fact relevant to local searches. Many of the smaller businesses are reliant on Google’s local?listings to compete better in their market. Currently, the update is only available to the US English search results. With the help of this algorithm, ?local directory listings and sites are now better ranked and more visible in Google’s search results. This?would mean that these listings would be in the limelight and businesses can to benefit from increased?visibility of local directories and listings. What Does It Mean For Businesses? The update is definitely a great boon for various directories. Therefore, businesses need to make sure?that their listings are consistent and up to date. However, one thing that is still the same in the Google?update is the fact that they are still encouraging businesses to get positive feedback from their?customers. Another factor that businesses should keep in mind is the fact that they should keep their websites as?active as possible. While it might be hard to promote your webpage on Google with the Pigeon update?in place, the whole shindig is not completely obsolete. With directory sites hogging the limelight once again, businesses can make their pages on prominent?directories, like Yelp for instance, and then keep optimizing them wherever required. Businesses, which have since focused all their efforts on SEO to increase visibility, need to change their?strategy and get in line with this latest algorithm if they want to see themselves benefitting in anyway.

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