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Foursquare and GoWalla

If you have a local business and you are trying to drive traffic to your establishment Foursquare and GoWalla can certainly help.

These companies will notifty your customers when they are nearby your establishment.? This will encourage them to come into your business if they are nearby.? It allows you to put up contact details, address and website url.

Moreover, location based services helps you initiate interaction with your current customer base.? Engagement will lead to loyalty.? Take advantage of the deals platform that comes from these companies.

Here are some helpful social networking tips;

  • Get to know your customers:? this means get personal, allow your customer to get to know you.? Social media is transforming marketing from you broadcasting your message to having a conversation with your customers.? Implement more personal campains and really think about how you word your promotion.? Instead of 20% discount for Fathers Day Dinner try something like this;? This Fathers Day lets show our Dad’s how much we love them, mention this add and we will give you 20% off dinner!
  • Make sure your deals are fun and simple to understand…don’t over complicate it.
  • Make it easy for your customers to share the deals.
  • Have a clear goal with your campaign.
  • Create an experience with your deals instead of giving away something that cost a lot of money.? Clients will always talk about a great experience and are more likely to comment on it online.

Good Luck and call us if you need any help implementing your social media campaigns.? AccelProfit programs work so you you don’t have to work so hard!

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