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Dentist SEO

Is Dentist SEO a gamble?

As a dentist you are well aware of how competitive your industry has become, and there has been a major change in the clients you desire coming in your door. ?Yes, there is a dentist on every corner these days, making it very tough to be profitable and we all know how little insurance companies are paying.

If you want to drive in the big ticket procedures, like dental implants, veneers and other cosmetic procedures you need to dominate your marketplace online.

For example here in San Diego the keywords “dental implants San Diego” is searched over 1500 times per month and “cosmetic dentist San Diego” is searched 2400 times per month.

Lets do some math here, that is about 4,000 searches per month! ?If you were at the top of the search engines for these keywords you would certainly see a ROI on SEO. ?Google says the top 3 listings get over 50% of the clicks to their site, so lets say you are able to convert 1% of this traffic, you are looking at 40 new clients for cosmetic procedures a month! ?If the average transaction is $2500 you are looking at $100k in additional revenue per month, certainly justifying a strong dentist SEO strategy.

We are finding that Google is definitely giving a preference to the sites that are dedicated to what the user is searching for, we recommend every dentist should have a site that is dedicated to cosmetic procedures only. ?Google sees most dental sites as just that, dental sites not cosmetic dental sites. ?You need to have much more content geared towards these procedures. ?For example you should have a whole page geared towards dental implants, a page geared towards veneers…this is what Google is looking for when indexing your site, CONTENT!

You want the site url, titles and all the content to be geared towards cosmetic dentistry procedures. ?If you do this and perform SEO to site your site will be in the top of search engines rather quickly.

We have recently launched a number of cosmetic sites that have the main keywords in the url, titles and all the content of site and they hit page 1 withinn a few weeks of being launched. ?With proper SEO and content development these sites will certainly be at the top of search engines within a few months.

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