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Contractor SEO

One thing we are hearing from all of our contractor clients,?they are busy.? You would think with the recession still in full swing, contractors would be slow.? We have contractor clients? handling anything from a leaky basement to kitchen remodels ranking at the top of the search engines.? And the one thing they all have in common, they are busy and their sites are at the top of the search engines.

Of course we would love to take all the credit for the uptick in their business, but we are only part of the equation.? Here are a few tips for contractors to help your online presence.

  • Make sure to have your local listings verified and fully optimized with Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Make sure you are listed in all the important directories like Yelp, Angies List and Insider Pages.
  • Make sure your site is fully optimized and you have an ongoing SEO strategy.
  • Stay in front of your prospects and old clients through social media channels like Facebook.
  • Make sure you have a database set up for your clients and prospects and you stay in front of them every month.

With interest rates hitting an all time low and families opting to fix up their current home instead of buying a new one, now more than ever it is important that your contractor business is found online.

The ROI for being found at top of the search engines for your contractor keywords far out weighs the cost of SEO.? For example here in San Diego the keyword “kitchen remodel San Diego” is searched 2400 times.? Our client Inhome Construction is ranked #2 for this keyword in San Diego and his business is booming.? Wouldn’t you agree, if only 1% of these leads turned into clients it certainly makes financial sense to have an SEO program costing $599/mo.? Of course it does!

If you would like for us to analyze the keywords for your business and analyze your website fill out the form to the right or call us anytime for a free consultation, we are here to help.



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