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Blogs and SEO

Ok the game has changed again and our phones have been blowing up with people frustrated by the loss of ranks with the most recent update by Google.

In the past SEO was mostly link building and now it is much more than that!

Google has made it clear it isn’t interested in promoting any sites (unless it is their product of course) but in giving the user the best search result possible. ?You have heard the phrase “content is king” well it is more important than ever. ?Google wants to give the user the content they are looking for.

After analyzing our clients over the past 6 weeks we are finding the sites that have had consistent content and active social media to be performing the best. ?We understand that blogging is time consuming and for many clients they find it boring but it is essential to the SEO program.

That is why at Internet Marketing Guyz our SEO packages include blogging and social media as they are the keys to online success.

And when blogging is done correctly those articles will rank well in the search engines and drive traffic and sales to your business.

For example if you Google “Online Reputation Warfare” you will find an article that I did a couple of weeks ago in the top of search engines. ?This article and most that I have written drive lots of traffic to our site every month.

5 Things you should know about the benefits of Blogging;


1- Content may be king but so is traffic, blogs will help direct more traffic to your site. ?As Google continues to get smarter it can tell whether your site is about “kitchen remodel san diego” or if your site is simply over optimized targeting this keyword. ?You need to continuously add content about remodeling to your site and feed the engines with your great content.

2- Blogs have become a very important part of linking. ?As Google finds your blog post and see’s that it links back to your main site it follows this path and validates that your site is about remodeling.

3- ?Everytime you add new content to your site Google and the other search engines get “pinged” or alerted that you just added new content and the engines need to crawl it to find out what it is about.

4- ?Blogging takes time and research. ?For example prior to writing this article I went to my Google keyword tool and did some research on blogging searches. ?What I look for is the number of searches for the keywords in my article and the competition. ?I chose to write about the keywords “blogging and seo” it is searched 40,000 times a month and has medium competition. ?This will drive solid traffic to my site in the next few weeks.

5- ?Your website and blog are one giant funnel. ?You need to use it as a source of information to the user and establish that you are an expert in your field by providing good quality information that can help them. ?Once you start to help people online you will find they will convert to customers once you establish a relationship with them.

If you are struggling online contact us today for a free consultation. ?We would love to help your business become more successful.


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